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Two sides of the same coin


In this world you can’t eliminate anybody – that’s the rule If there is a war maker there is a peacemaker. If there is violence there has to be non-violence. I want you, as I need you. In addition, I don’t want somebody else, as I don’t need them. Where there is a snake there is a peacock. Where there is a lion there is a cow. However, all are inside us.

How to balance yourself in spite of bipolarity? Balance leads to polarity. If there is conflict between two then there is bipolarity. We don’t want lion, but we become a lion in some place. When we want to end violence, we wage a war. To kill terrorists, we send an army. We use violence to kill violence. How it is happening?

How to make sure this doesn’t happen? We have to accept what we don’t like as one day you may dislike what you like today. In the same way, what we don’t want  today, may be wanted  tomorrow. How to fix this behaviour of our mind as it’s easy to talk but difficult to follow? Whenever I am in state of sadness, when I fear, when we feel helpless…then I am not able to do anything.  This is the time we need to chant the mantra, “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA”. Then we will understand that we need everything in this world and that we need both theists and atheists, and so on.


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