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Always help is available to us

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


We always think that there is help available to us.

That is also one of the reasons for not loving our body.

As long as we don’t ask for help the Divine will not help us.

If we are not well, we think of going to the hospital and we do not think of the Divine.

There is nothing wrong in going to the hospital, but we have to think of the Divine also and have the belief that the Divine is taking me to the hospital.

Or at least chant that “Divine help is always there for me”.

Now think of those times where you were really helped, from whom you have received help, and when you have received it?

Do not thank that person. Thank the Divine.

Only the Divine can make it happen.

Think of Divine or God always, he is always moving around us. However, we do not know how to call him.

Do not worry.

Just call him and he will come.


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