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Life is a game! Just play!!

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Naran S Balakumar“Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam Gopalam Govindam Gopalam Govindam – Ho” (Ho is a switch word to relax you) This mantra says that “Life is a game. Just play”. Hari is the Prana Purusha – the head of the vital force. For us, the desires lead our life.

They rule our life. Throughout our life, we are disillusioned and disappointed about so many things. The lower side of the vital force is desire, disappointment and depression, while the higher side is Bhakti. You desire, but release it to the universe – Hari. Do your duty without expecting any result. Hari says, “I will give you the result”. That is the operating principle of Hari. In your house, chant this particular mantra. Go to your special room, and chant the mantra loudly and happily. When you dance and sing this mantra, people might think that you are mad. Let them think so. Sink with the mantra. Sink with the rhythm on how Hari Narayana Plays the Game (of life). The life is always about seeking something.

Man throughout his life through objects or other persons, seeks divine.

The divine is hidden to be sought. That is the game between the man and the divine. Chant with joy, and supreme delight. Govindam means lifting your desires; will elevate your desires and sublimate them. That’s why with the kindness of the divine, he (Lord Krishna) lifted the hill of Govaradhana Giri. Desire me, I will protect you – that’s Gopalam. This mantra is as the proverb says ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. Govindam will lift you from the karma that is pulling you down.


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