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Torture continued after death

Naran Firstly, put your behavior of your brother into the silver triangle. Secondly, put your parents’ reactions as well as yours into it. Do you know anybody in the family who behaves the same way as your brother?

Viji Yes, based on my mother’s account my brother has inherited the qualities of my grand-father.

Naran Put the memories related to your grand-father into the silver triangle and complete the general steps of healing. Viji did the healing for some time and came back to Naran in an excited mood.

Viji You won’t believe what I am going to say. When I finished the exercise I could see the soul of my grand-mother getting freed from all the sufferings she went through in her life-time due to my grand-father. I could feel her gratitude towards me too.

Naran This shows at an energy level we carry our pains and sorrows we faced while living in the physical world. Thanks to you, your grand-mother is freed from her pains.

Viji How will it help her now?

Naran If she has taken another physical birth now then all her sufferings that she would be facing will disappear and won’t continue in her future lifetimes. Today, you have done a great favor not only to her, but to your parents as well as to yourself. If you continue to do this exercise, you will see a world of difference in your brother too, who has taken the behavior of his grand-father.

Viji (after a week) I find no improvement in my brother. I repeated what I said. She said she had stopped after first time.

Naran What for you have started this?

Viji I wanted to heal my brother.

Naran Then you should have continued.  You should not have stopped after healing your grand-mother. Only,when you continue the healing you will understand what else to put in the triangle, for example, his past behaviour, your past reaction, his mother's reaction etc. Then you will go deeper and find more insights. Normally people do not continue. To emphasize that, I told her to do so.


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