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Too much mobile use

KRGS I am having some problem since 3 yrs. I was using mobile a lot during 2006. But after 2 yrs of increased usage, I have reduced using mobile. But still, I have some problems in me. I am unable to open my mouth freely sometimes. I have digestion problems as well as body pains only on the left side of my body. I was using mobile on left ear. Naran Stop using mobile phone. There is a sticker available in the market which can save one from electromagnetic pollution of mobile phone. Buy and stick it to your mobile. Do this Mudra:

  1. Place the LEFT middle finger at the base of the thumb.

  2. Place the RIGHT index finger at the base of the thumb.

  3. Be in this Mudra for 15 minutes daily.

KRGS I did this Mudra for 15 minutes in the morning and I was able to feel the difference.

Explanation As he was using the phone on the left side, his left ear has been affected. This was fixed by the Mudra using the left hand. The pain indicates the accumulation of excess air. This is fixed by keeping the right index finger at the base of the thumb. The above Mudras were suggested based on the indications of the patient. In general, same Mudras have to be done on both hands, unless they are special ones.


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