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The Mother's Flower Guava

Updated: 4 days ago

Keep the picture of Guava flower

  • To have a balanced mind

  • To take a decision and stick to it

  • For steady growth, like in the office, when you are trying for a promotion, and you don't want to have any regression – take the picture of the flower to the office for a steady growth in office

  • When you want your hired driver to drive steadily, during a long trip, give the picture of Guava to the driver

  • For steady progress

  • When there is a negotiation or agreement between you and the builder. He might agree for several things initially, but he may go back on his words, when he executes the agreement.

  • Whenever you enter into any type of agreement have this picture. The opposite person will be reliable.

  • To know whether some person is reliable or not, dependable or not, have this picture.


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