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Teachers are same

Naran A lady in one of the “Change Your Karma” class described about her son, who was insulted by his teacher. He complains about her every day. After the class, she realized she had similar experience at the same age. She said that her son is repeating her. I told her to do the following:

  1. Go back and heal all your past.

  2. Release all those experiences into the silver triangle, along with other experiences you had during your schooling.

  3. In addition, heal your pregnancy period, when you were carrying your son, who is facing problems now.

  4. Release memories of pregnancy – during the nine months, whatever happened to you, your emotions, and your conflict with your husband and in-laws, put everything into the triangle.

  5. Totally heal the pregnancy period – each pregnancy separately, will be helpful to your children – both son and the daughter, a great deal. During each pregnancy you would have undergone different emotions.We only repeat. We only repeat. No need to have a doubt. We don’t create anything new. Still future does not exist. We are only repeating the past. We are not creating future as we don’t have any other reference other than the past.


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