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Symptoms and Mudras

Symptom QuestionActivate/Pacify suggestionWhen there is low self-esteemActivate - Fire elementWhen caught in a traffic jam, what we need is Space and to moveActivate Vata humor (Air & Space)When one is searching for a jobActivate Vata humor(Air & Space) and pacify Earth elementWhen one is to get marriedPacify earth element and activate Air-element to moveWhen I don’t find a room in any hotelActivate Space element to find a roomWhat I need to do in the night is to take rest and sleepActivate Kapha humor(Earth & Water) for sleepWhen my mind is highly active in the night, when I lie on bed and I am not able to sleepPacify Vata humor(Air & Space) and activate Earth elementWhen my husband or wife or son yells at me in angerPacify Fire elementWhen I can’t tolerate cold weatherActivate Fire elementWhen I have poor appetiteActivate Fire elementWhen I have burning sensationPacify Fire elementWhen I have feverActivate Water elementWhen I want to reduce weightPacify Earth elementWhen I lack enthusiasm in the morning hoursActivate Vata humor (Air & Space)When I am indecisivePacify Vata humor (Air & Space)When I have hiccupsPacify Vata humor (Air & Space)In winter, my skin becomes dryPacify Vata humor (Air & Space) and activate Water elementWhen I have difficulty (confusion) in taking decisionsPacify Vata humor (Air & Space)When I suffer from flatus or gasPacify Vata humor (Air & Space)By nature, I am short temperedPacify Pitta humor(Air & Fire)When there is no electricity,current is offPacify Fire element and activate Air elementMany people consider me stubbornPacify Earth elementI want to be flexibleActivate Air element and pacify Earth elementI am fond of ice-creams and ice-cold drinksPacify Fire elementI get angry whenever anybody disagrees with mePacify Fire elementI know I am critical of othersPacify my Fire element and activate Earth elementI want to put on weightActivate Earth element and pacify Fire elementI gain weight more easilyPacify Kapha humor(Earth & Water)I don’t grasp anything easilyActivate Fire element and pacify Earth element


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