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Started taking mother’s milk

Reeya1.5 months ago, I have given birth to a girl. It is a premature C-section delivery.

  1. My baby does not suck my breast nipple

  2. Problem of low milk supply in breast

  3. How to increase weight and immunity of my baby girl?


ReeyaThank you so much for the mantra and Now milk supply has increased so much. My baby is now 2 months old.

  1. She frequently vomits and feel discomfort

  2. She always stretch her body, always feel like restless baby

  3. As she is a pre-term baby, so want her to gain weight quickly.

  4. She does not sleep in night, whole night she is awake. I have tried RESCUE REMEDY and WHITE CHESTNUT, but it didn’t seem working.

  5. How to improve quality of milk, so she develop well and have a good memory?

  6. What will help her to increase appetite, and better digestion?

  7. How to improve her complexion?

NaranGive her WALNUT and CHESTNUT BUD regularly.

ExplanationThe BIJA MANTRAS in the specified order will increase the breast milk in the mother. It will work like Pran Mudra (little and ring fingers touching the tip of the thumb on both the hands). The Bach Flower remedies WALNUT and CHESTNUT BUD will help the child to develop qualities needed for its growth.


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