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Serving Your Clients Equals Serving Your Parents

JathishI am doing paying guest accommodation for the IT companies for the past 3 years. For the past 3 months my business is very dull and most of the rooms are empty and I couldn’t manage my daily expenses. Pls help me to overcome this problem and I should get more people for my guest house.

NaranThe empty rooms point out that there is lack, insufficiency in your service. Have you ever thanked those who stayed in the rooms? Giving accommodation and serving food is an opportunity given by god. Why are you doing this service to people? In your previous life, you did not take care of your parents, who gave you your life with their blood and who fed you throughout their life. Now, you are doing the service which you denied to your parents. Do this service to each and every client with the thought and belief that you are serving your parents. Chant “TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW ON” when you see the empty rooms. Do this daily seeing the empty rooms or visualize the empty rooms, till they get filled. Thank the person and divine once the room is filled up. Daily for 5 minutes in the morning chant “THANKS DIVINE ORDER”. Chant the following to manifest good clients, “AMOEBA GO BRING DIVINE clients GIVE COUNT NOW CONTINUE”. The meaning: learn to manage, Begin to BRING NOW DIVINE clients to GIVE them service and then CONTINUE to COUNT.


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