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Say Yes For No

NaranSheela was doing business with a company. They owe her 4.5 lakhs. She made a commitment to her supplier based on that. But as the customer didn’t give the money, she couldn’t meet her supplier and therefore she was afraid to see him. “I am afraid” she said, being afraid of the supplier: MIMULUS was given. After one week she opened up. “All of my problems are due to my inability to say no”. I gave her CENTAURY. After ten days, she met me again and said that her sister is the root cause of all the problems. Therefore, she took WILLOW for blaming others for her life situation. She got payment from her customer soon afterwards. Here we could have analyzed how to handle non-payment of dues owed to you. It will not work here. Find out what’s the expression of the patient? Treat it. Heal it. Solution will appear automatically.

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