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Remove your karma

Naran S Balakumar What is the karma that has made me take this birth? Let us see how to put it in the triangle. Any of our memories unaligned i.e., not aligned with the divine light I will say as non-divine. Anything that is non-divine we will put it in the silver triangle. I release all the unaligned memories acquired from my three previous births, and unaligned memories of my parents and ancestors that have caused my birth into this silver triangle. I draw the Reiki symbols – both traditional and Karuna Reiki symbols. I affirm the following now:

  1. “Reiki Flow into the silver triangle”

  2. “Heal and transform all the unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my past life, unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my parents and ancestors into Reiki frequency of light and love”.

  3. “Transform them into Reiki frequency of Light and Love”.

  4. “Make them whole and complete”.

  5. “Now, every memory frequency of my past life is healed and has been made whole and complete.This is the basic healing procedure to heal our karma. Nothing can be simpler than this.


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