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Remove Addiction to TV Using Switch Words

Multi-Dimensional Healing Workshop Chennai Mar 28 2015

Naran S Balakumar Right from early age, children are addicted to TV, while teenagers are addicted to their mobile phones. Children are addicted to TV only because of the parents. Because they can’t look after them, they switch on the TV and make the children watch TV. And because of this, the children later on get addicted to mobile phones and games. Addiction is a dangerous disease. It will create unwanted behavioral changes. This addiction increases the level of dopamine, a brain chemical. Whoever watches more TV and uses mobile a lot, their dopamine levels are high.

How to reduce it? Chant “TOGETHER TINY ADJUST Dopamine”. Switch Word TINY is to reduce dopamine and ADJUST will balance it. Take a tumbler of water and chant the switch words for 100 or 200 times and give the water to the child. Body doesn’t know anything. Whatever command you give it will obey as it is mechanical.


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