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The child is unable to remember

Naran S Balakumar If see the following patterns in a child, give him Bach Flower Remedy CERATO three doses per day for about one month and it will help the child:

  1. He writes the correct answer, erases it and then writes the wrong answer

  2. The child will not be able to reproduce whatever he has memorized

  3. When a child is unable to remember tables, Slokas etc.

  4. In the classroom, even though he knows the answer, he will not raise his hands, when asked a question because of doubt whether his answer is correct or not

  5. My son always seeks my help in doing the homework. Each time after writing the answer, he will ask me whether it is right or not.

  6. He bombards us with questions of why nature

  7. He does everything half-heartedly

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