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Improve your child’s determination to study

Question My son whiles away his time watching TV. He does not intend to study at all and does unwanted things all the time.

Naran S Balakumar Give him the Bach Flower Remedies SCLERANTHUS, HORNBEAM and WALNUT to develop his will power and determination to study. These remedies are available in most of the Homeopathy shops. Buy them in the form of pills. Put six pills of each in a bottle of water. Let your son sip water from the bottle. The reasons to prescribe these remedies are:

  1. To avoid distractions in the form of watching TV, and doing unwanted things other than studies, prescribe SCLERANTHUS.

  2. To develop mental strength and to come out of tiredness, prescribe HORNBEAM

  3. To develop good habits in any form, prescribe WALNUT

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