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Release your congestion

Naran S Balakumar Be in AKASH MUDRA or EGO MUDRA – middle finger touching the tip of the thumb, on both the hands and chant “OM HAM NAMAHA”. It increases the space in the organs. If there is congestion in chest means, increasing the space is not enough. It means fluid collection is present. Do FIRE MUDRA followed by SPACE MUDRA. Any congestion will increase phlegm. Fire will reduce water. It should be filled by space. So do Space Mudra then. If there is lung congestion in old people and for that matter any person, then check the kidneys. The accumulation of phlegm happens because kidneys are not functioning well. This is not allopathy diagnosis at all. When the uterus is removed, the possibility of getting affected by tuberculosis or lungs getting affected is very common. However, if the uterus is not removed then do not bother about it. Check the functioning of the kidneys. If diagnosed with Tuberculosis then the congestion will be always on the upper side of the lungs. In pneumonia it is only on the lower side of the lungs. When you want to assert yourself in certain situations be in Space Mudra.


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