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Pregnancy Mantras - Free Mantra Chanting 2016

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0-3 Months of Pregnancy“LALITHAM SRINIVASAM, LALITHAM PADMANABHAM, LALITHAM DAMODARAM” The released ovum waits for only one day. But, the sperm remains there for seven days. Lalitham Srinivasam helps for fruitful conjugation, Lalitham Padmanabham helps in formation of fetus, and Lalitham Damodaram helps in the growth of fetus for three months. Up to three months you have to be careful, and up to three months you are not sure. The first three months of pregnancy is taken care of these three mantras, “Lalitham Srinivasam, Lalitham Padmanabham, Lalitham Damodaram”.

3-6 Months of Pregnancy From three to six months of pregnancy, you need the mantra, “KAALA HANDRI SARVA VYATHI PRASHAMANI, KAALA HANDRI SARVA MRUTHYU NIVARANI” KAALA HANDRI – kills the time or stops the time The effect of this mantra is the to-born child will never have untimely death or unnatural death. This period of 3 to 6 months is very crucial period, where due to this mantra, even the karma is healed. This mantra removes physical and mental suffering for all of us. So, anybody can chant this mantra. It also protects us from untimely and unnatural consequences.

6-9 Months of Pregnancy and up to one year after birth “PURUSHOTTAMA, BOOTHA BHAVANA, BHUTHESA NAMO NAMAHA” As per original Mahabharata, Parikshit was a still-born baby, in spite of having the protection of Krishna. In fact, because of the Bruhmaastra – a destructive weapon, Krishna knew that entire Pandavas race will be annihilated. By saving Parikshit, he stopped it from happening. When Parikshit was delivered, Krishna was in the delivery room. He was shocked to find the still-born child. He prayed to the Universe, “Throughout my life, had I remained as a Brahmachari (celibate), and had I not uttered a single lie then let this child be alive”. Immediately, the child came to life. Krishna is the BOOTHA BHAVANA and he will save all our children wherever they are. Just remember the story.


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