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Naran sir’s Power Symbol workshop experience

Updated: May 10, 2020

When I selected the date for Naran sir’s power symbol class at Pune, I was not aware it is “Janmashtami”.

Person who offered her place, invited me to her house, When I entered immediately she took me to her alter, where all Krishna idols and photos were there, saying “that’s my Krishna”. As if introducing to some family member. She is a Krishna devotee.

I saw with so much devotion she prepared payasam to distribute in temple and was giving bath to Krishna idol.

It was a beautiful sight to see someone pouring so much love.

She has a cafe and next to cafe, a small room. where we kept this class.

after class, Her son and she both said,

that day was the first time there was heavy traffic at cafe, all customers were jovial and happy. It’s something which they have never seen before.

At any workshop , I always do Spray, play prana shuddhi Cd Of Naran, mother’s prayer and reiki.

I told her I haven’t done any special thing.

It was all symbols, Naran sir and the Mother’s blessing and a special day of Krishna only which made all so happy.

I was about to leave to stay somewhere else, but she insisted to stay At her place. Somehow my other friend called n informed there is no electricity in her area. So I had stayed her house only.

After coming home, she shared so many stories of Krishna, how every time he helped her out of blue.

After class everyone was cheering with so much of joy after sir’s call.

They just wanted to hear Sir’s voice.

Then I told them to ask sir to give message abt Janmashtami.

What a most beautiful message given by Sir on Janmashtam.

I Was chanting Hari Narayana Gopalam Govindam mantra whole day.

Overall all situations, people I met seemed like some formation.. all with smooth flow..

Icing on cake was sir’s evening message about Krishna.

who asked about Janmashtami?

Who made me to chant mantra?

who brought me in this house? And took so good care of me.?

who kept class on this special day ?

Who gave that place for workshop?

Who talked and thought about Krishna whole day?

Who listened and cheered ?

Who conducted this workshop?

Who all served us?

Was that really me or someone else ?

no, then who ?

At 3 am I slept with this bliss.

..... And the “Krishna is still smiling!”

I don’t find words to bind all that experience. Every class, Every time, some new lesson, new learning.

Thank you so much Naran Sir for teaching me - by giving me this opportunity to conduct this workshop.

I don’t know anything. But if ever I wanted to see Krishna’s smile with physical eyes, then I know someone who has childlike, innocent and the most joyful smile🙏🙏

Please forgive me, for any of mistake.

I bow to Govinda within you!!

Hare Govinda!


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