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Past-Life Healing Based on Neutrino Waves Theory…

Particle Scientists were elated and could not believe the result of their own experiments…!!! They were shocked and amazed to find that Neutrino waves travel faster than the light… Einstein was proved wrong. Neutrino waves are faster than the light by 60 Nanoseconds…

What is the result of this experiment?Cause and effect theory is false. Effect happens before cause. In other words cause is our imagination. Let us take a couple of examples…

  1. Because he cheated ME (CAUSE) I got angry (EFFECT)

  2. Because he hit me (CAUSE) I got Pain (EFFECT)But as per this theory on Neutrino waves, EFFECT happens prior to CAUSE by a few Nanoseconds. It means…

  3. I got angry, and he cheated me

  4. I got pain, and he hurt me

What is time then? Time does not go forward… It does not move towards future. It travels to the past (backwards). We can go to the past. Our learning/our perception only is preventing us. Therefore, Heal the Past and not the Future. Love Thanks Divine!!!


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