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Painless pregnancy – a case history

Naran S Balakumar “SHANKARRAYA MAYASKARAAYA SHIVAAYA SHIVATHARAAYA NAMAHA” These days when people prefer Caesarean delivery, there are some who prefer natural delivery. When I was thinking about this mantra one year back, I was at Gurgaon. I was chanting this mantra within myself. I received a phone call from a lady. She said she is supposed to deliver on June 29th 2015 and expected me to give her a mantra for same. As I was chanting this Shivatharaaya mantra, I gave it to her so that she can have happiness. Why? During the delivery, the child weeps, while the mother is happy – the happiness of delivering the child, listening to the weeping of the child and becoming happy. This feeling only a mother can feel and not the males. Words cannot describe that happiness. So, I thought this mantra will help her for delivery also and gave it to her. She was chanting like a mad person and the scheduled delivery date was over, yet, she didn’t have any pain at all. So the doctor advised her to get herself admitted, for the pain can be induced. That’s what every gynecologist says. She got admitted in an ICU. Around her, there were expecting mothers like her, who were screaming in pain. However, she was chanting this mantra furiously and didn’t feel any pain at all. The doctor came, woke her up and reminded her that she is delivering a child. The doctor exclaimed, open your eyes and without pain you are delivering a child. That’s the power of this mantra. At that time of delivery, all your ancestors will come around. All along, by chanting the mantra, she was taking the blessings of her ancestors. Shiva is the only person who makes others happy by chanting just ‘Shiva’. Transformation will take place only because of Shiva mantra. It releases all the unknown blocks, unknown complications developed during pregnancy and delivery, and all such things can be easily healed by this mantra.


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