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Our prayers are answered

Bhanu Haripriya I want to share one experience with you... One of my office subordinates was very dull sitting on his chair. I asked him for the reason and he told me that his brother was blessed with a male child and is two-day old. And the infant was admitted in a private hospital, doctors said the condition is serious and all the family members are worried. I wrote “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” in a piece of paper and asked to place near the child. I chanted “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” whenever I remembered the child. I did send him Reiki too. I prayed for Mother Kwanin to be with the child and heal him. I prayed to mother earth too. I thought I am doing this because divine wants me to do this. The infant was shifted from ICU to general room in 4 days, normal and ok. I thanked divine for his mercy. I understood that the divine in the form of Reiki, and Mantras heal. And all our prayers are answered. Thank you Naran! Thank you divine for taking care of me!!

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