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Offer Your Life at the Divine Feet


All our actions and work must be offered to the Divine.
Whatever you receive, surrender or offer it to the Divine Mother. Only if you offer, you receive more of it.

Generally, we think that only because of our efforts, we achieve something. It is not like that. Lets see why it is so.
We use 5% of our potential only for any work. 95% potential remains unused. That’s because we do any work only for ourselves.
We must do the work for the Divine. When you do work, say “It’s the Divine work and I am the tool of the Divine.”

Focus only on the work; not on the result.
This happens in case of all artists. They focus only on their drawing. They don’t think about the money while they are drawing.
So, whenever you do any work, remember that the Divine has selected you for that work. Offer the work to the Divine. Do not think about the results. Offer whatever result you get, to the Divine. Then only, we would be able to use 95% of the potential.
Then the Prakriti would change.

You work hard and you are not paid properly. Then there is no point in blaming the other person for not paying you. It means that either you did not do the work properly or you did not offer the work to the Divine.

See how you assess your work?
Suppose a person pays you 20 dollars for your work and another person pays you 200 dollars for your work. Whom will you choose between the two?
You will choose the one who pays you 200 dollars. Isn’t it?

What does it mean? It says that your goal is towards the money. We think that he pays 200 dollars for your talent. That’s the wrong attitude.
If the person who pays 200 dollars leaves you, you may have to go to the person who is ready to pay only 20 dollars.
So, understand that the work given to you now is the work given by the Divine. Whenever you open your laptop and before start working,
pray “Divine, I offer my work to you .” or say, “I allow the divine to work through me.

First of all, we must be open to the Divine. Then only, you can be used a tool by the Divine.
If you start your work like this, money will come automatically to you. You don’t have to pray for it.
If you want to ask for money, ask the Divine only.
I have done this work. If you feel like giving money to your tool, give me.
In the contrary, I used to say that one must spend money to receive more. Divine has given you money and you must spend it. When you spend money, the mind thinks that the money is there and there is no insufficiency of money.

Divine is the only provider of money. When somebody gives you money, it’s the Divine who gave you through that person.
So, get money from Divine and spend. We must change our attitude like this.
Then only, you will be able to use 95% of the potential.

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