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No motive to do something

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It does give a freedom from all the burdens.

But, in this case are we not being deprived of the motive to do something, which comes when we accept that we are totally responsible for the entire situation in which we are.

Would the human being not loose motive to move ahead in life, if he believes that divine is the doer.

I am not, then why should he care if he is doing something right or wrong because then also divine is responsible.

Can you please throw some light on this confusion?

I know I am sounding vague here, but I do loose motive to do something right and become lazy when I remember of this statement.


When one fully accepts the divine doer concept, one aligns with the higher mind – totally submitting oneself to the will of the divine. When you do the work on hand as given by the divine, you will do reverentially. Your total concentration is on work.

Extend this ownership and you will find others as divine.

Work is divine. Doer of the work is divine.

Done for what / the result is divine. Done for whom?  

That person is divine.

There is only love in the heart.

There is only joy in the heart.

There is only peace in the mind.


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