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Mudras and Humors

The five basic Elements are the expansion of the three humors namely Vata, Pitta, Kapha. VATA Vata humor is formed by air and space. Vata means movement. Its primary seat is colon. Inhalation, Exhalation, Circulation, Communication, Nervous System, Co-ordination of Senses – all these require Vata. Resources of VATA: Happiness, Enthusiasm, Energy, Imagination, Creation, Vibrancy, Clarity, Alertness, Talkative,(can we use this – Vociferous instead of Talkative), Environment friendly, Rapport, good communication. VATA Imbalance: Lack of Vata: Mental and Emotional: Lack of enthusiasm, loss of memory, sleepy in the morning, postponement, lethargy, drowsiness. Physical: Nervous breakdown, slow heart beat. Excess of Vata: Mental and Emotional: Creates restlessness, confusion, worry, insomnia, anxiety, panic, easy mental fatigue, impatience, forgetfulness (chestnut bud type), mental disorders, over enthusiasm, mentally hyper-active, compulsive shopping, window shopping, inclusive, dissatisfied, indecisive. Spending too much, wasting money. Physical: Numbness, tremors, dry skin, stammering, breathlessness, fast heart beat, hiccups, muscle spasm, cramps, constipation, headaches, Parkinson’s, paralysis. PITTA Pitta is formed by fire and water. Pitta means processing. Pitta means change. Pitta means progress. Pitta means experience. Pitta means conversion. Pitta means transformation. Pitta means modification. Resources of Pitta: Sharp intellect, kindness, loving, good concentration, administrative ability, luxury, leadership, strong willed, self confidence, brave, adventurous, welcomes challenges, goal setting ability, desire to achieve goals, courage, digestion, absorption, elimination. PITTA Imbalance: Lack of Fire or Pitta: Mental and Emotional: Lack of drive, low self-esteem, low confidence. Physical: Intolerance to cold, loss of appetite, poor digestion, thirstlessness, easy weight gain, scanty menses, hypothyroid, eye problems. Excess of Pitta: Mental and Emotional: Anger, irritability, jealousy, rage, pride, arrogance, impatience, forgetfulness, perfectionism, time-oriented, demanding, sarcastic, short-tempered, opinionated, inclination to argue, hyper acidity, heart burn, inflammation, fever, rashes, poor eye sight, intolerance to heat, summer aggravation rashes, high B.P., burning sensation, dysentery, excessive sweating. KAPHA KAPHA: KAPHA means, relaxation, stability, solidity, strength, satisfaction. Kapha is formed by water and earth elements. Resources of Kapha: Cool and calm, relaxation, rest, good retentive memory, slow to grasp. Affectionate; tolerant, forgiving, stamina, reserves strength, resistance to disease, Peace, physical labour, systematic, methodical, saves money, energy, words, food., not shaken by crisis, consoles others, satisfaction, stable, respects others feelings. KAPHA imbalance: Excess of Kapha will be similar to lack of Pitta: Mental and Emotional: Possessive, complacency, takes a longer time to take a decision, wakes up slowly lying in bed. Needs pep up drinks, lethargy. Is happy with status quo. Stingy, Greedy, stubborn, dull, laziness, slow-learning, dull-headed, Energetic late in the night, inertia, more sleep, obesity, slow digestion , losing weight, sinus, congestion, asthma. Lack of Kapha is similar to excess fire: Mental and Emotional: Similar to Vata and Pitta excess. Physical: Impaired immunity, osteoporosis, rickets, osteoarthritis, weak muscles, hair loss, ulcers in the mouth, fever. The Relevant Elements and Mudras – Five Elements: Humors: Vata : Air & Space Pitta : Air & Fire Kapha : Earth & Water

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