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Move ON and Have a Life for Yourself

Ruthieb My husband and I have been in the States for about 8 years, living in the same small town and doing the same job. We feel like stuck. We would like to move out to another city to get more opportunities but it has been difficult to get a job. We just want a fresh start as well as job opportunities so that we can move out.

Naran Be in the following Mudra for 30 minutes: Thumb touching the index finger (both hands) and the rest of the fingers at the base of the thumb. Chant “THANKS CHANGE DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE” while doing the Mudra.

Explanation Thanks, Change, Divine Order, Count, Now and Done are switch words. Thanks: be grateful for what we have will enable us to get what we want Change Divine Order: to change the current life situation and find divine order Count: earn money Done: it will be done Now: now Mudra: The index finger induces new thoughts. It will be from a higher perspective, which was created by placing the other three fingers at the base of thumb. Now, your decisions will be devoid of internal resistance and they will not be based on past karma as well as previous karma vasanas.


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