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Money grows in trees

M Even my company where I am working, my bosses is in huge loss. We’re not getting any project. Can you tell me any measure so that even I can pray for my company to grow and get projects? Our company was running nicely but from past 3 years it is under loss.

Naran It is very nice of you that you pray for your company. Chant “GORSE, CLEMATIS, CHANGE GO CLIMB ELATE ADD TOGETHER GIVE COUNT NOW DONE”

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual Increase; enlarge what you have: ADD Get higher view: CLIMB Transform a set back into progress / benefit; Turn less into gain: ELATE Progress begins, end laziness; operate; stop procrastinating; start: GO Trust in others; hopeful; “It is possible”: GORSE


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Client I am not doing well in my business and I see no hope in the future too. Naran Take the Bach Flower Remedies GORSE and LARCH. Explanation A GORSE person has given up solving the problem after ma

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Naran S Balakumar Money Generation: COUNT Help to get very good business: TOGETHER DIVINE Learn to be successful: SLOW CARE LEARN JUDGE LISTEN To sell anything: GIVE To get complements from client


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