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Merudanda Mudra – discussion, Mumbai 2015

Naran S Balakumar This increases the prana in the entire spinal cord.  Your entire back is taken care of by this Mudra. It balances the autonomous nervous system – both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The specialty of this Mudra is that it changes acidic environment to alkaline environment. Acidic environment is always an environment of conflict. When there is a conflict in the house, your body is also acidic. When there is a peace in the house, the environment is alkaline. When there is greenery in the house, the whole atmosphere is alkaline i.e., peaceful and good atmosphere. Because the earth is losing its greenery now, we are acidic in nature. By being in this Mudra, chant the mantra, “PRANAVA ROOPINI, HREENGARA ROOPINI, SACHITAANANDA ROOPINI, SURYA MANDALA VASINI,   NITHYAM NAMAMYAHAM”. Before watering the plants, dip your hands inside the bucket of water and chant this Pranava Roopini mantra. The meaning of the mantra is, “The one universal energy behind everything or one universal mother behind every form of energy, I prostrate to you”. This mantra is very effective to change the atmosphere to greenery. This mantra can help the body also.

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