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Marriage Affairs

You are not married If you are not married means, find out at that age, what was the marriage status of your mother heal that. A person is unmarried until the age of thirty, but her mother had married at the age of twenty. Still, you need to do the healing for your mother the time before her marriage. Likewise, do for your grandmother, or father’s mother. One of your ancestors would have been in similar situation. Or your mother would have felt after marriage, ‘I wish I am not married. I have to go through hell. At least my daughter shouldn’t go through this’. She would have been thinking so and thus influencing your marriage status. We don’t know what happened. So we need to go deeper into the relationship aspect and find out. Initially, you will find it difficult to find out. Eventually, you will be able to find the link.

Living together, but mentally separated If mentally a couple is separated, then the following things will happen in the body:

  1. In the lower back herniated disk will come

  2. Disk prolapse

  3. Utter prolapse

  4. Some organ will deviate and get down from the position like Hernia Even if they don’t say, you will find out. Ok I will accept whatever you say. Outwardly they might say many positive things. But, internally they might be feeling different. That’s why we are healing the parents. My relation with my spouse is not alright means then my parent’s relationship with each other is not good. So heal their relationship and make it whole and complete. Then when your children get married, they will marry to a nice spouse. Therefore, heal the relationship between your parents. One way you do service them.

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