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Knee and Toe problems

Naran“HARE RAMA HARA KRISHNA” is the mantra to be chanted. After old age, we tend to get knee problems. It is very important to take care of this part of the body. Right knee represents issues with father, left knee represents mother, while toes are concerned with children. Whether we think what we do is right or wrong, if we have a problem in knee or toes, it indicates we are making a mistake and need to change in some way. Chant “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” to change yourself. Change should happen within. Stubbornness and inflexibility will need to change into flexibility. By chanting this mantra as it makes us flexible. Our outlook of life becomes flexible and open. “I am flexible” and “I will adjust”– we say. In fact, we are opposite, because if we are flexible then we won’t say so. We are not flexible because we want to control every event to our satisfaction. Then we will not be happy. The desire to change or control will be there in every action of ours. Release your desire to change or control and accept others as they are. Acceptance has to be there. If you are not resisting even in mind, any resistance (opposition) to life situations will not be present. Rama was asked to go to the forest. While Lakshman opposed Rama didn’t oppose it. While all others resisted, Rama accepted it gracefully because he saw the divine plan behind going to the forest for fourteen years. How do we operate in our lives? Life is nothing but a string of polarities. Our life is motivated by advantages and disadvantages. The doctor asks you to get admitted in hospital for 10 days. This mantra will get you discharged easily. Both patient and his family can chant it.


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