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Kidnap Rescue

HaripriyaToday I experienced one miracle. I want to share with you and other members. I was writing “TOGETHER DIVINE” during lunch hour and I saw the scrolling in a TV that a 3-year old was kidnapped and parents lodged a complaint. Looking at the scrolling I started chanting SWEET CHESTNUT and ROCK ROSE praying to protect the kid. Nothing else struck to my mind. After 2 and half hours I saw the scrolling that the kidnappers left the boy in one place. Thanks to the divine flowers! Thanks to Naran!! Thanks to the divine!!!

NaranVery nice! You have chanted absolutely right. Guided well by the flowers! Best of Divine grace of all the flowers to you, your family and your friends!

HaripriyaThank you very much! As you said I am not the doer. I have been guided by you and the divine. I remembered this combination as in such situation only divine grace can protect the child (SWEET CHESTNUT) and ROCK ROSE for the quick help (Naran has told this for quick help for rains). Please note Sweet chestnut and Rock Rose are Bach Flower Remedies.


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