It is my money - Reverse


Reverse all your thinking and beliefs about money.

1. “It is my money.”

Money is not yours. Inculcate new beliefs to get money.

Money is not yours. Whose money is it then?

Money belongs to Divine who is the owner of the money.

Then there is no point in saying that I have lost the money.

“He has to give me so much of money” – Leave this also.

2. We believe that paper is money. It is not money.

Reverse your idea.

3. Don’t say that it’s my hard-earned money.

Somebody has taken the money from you. You think that it is your right to ask and it is his duty to pay back.

Reverse it. It is your duty to ask and it is his right to give.

To give is his right.

No body is duty-bound to you. Mentally dissociate from all the people.

Whoever criticises you or finds fault with you or blames with you, be friendly with them.

At any moment, if you don’t like anybody, think that he is your teacher.

Reverse your process.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go and hug him.

Without any bias or prejudice, record his words. Dissociate the words and the person. Then the words will have the new meaning.

The plain words without the person will make you wiser.

If the wife has any problem, ask the husband. He will give a solution.

If husband has got a problem or does not know what to do in a particular situation, husband have to go to their wife and ask their wife. Whatever wife says will be true & should be followed. This is with regard to the husband and wife.

The opposite poles attract to each other. That’s why if one end is the problem means that the other end is the solution.

Don’t blame the husband or wife for the problem after the marriage. What you saw before marriage, you don’t see after marriage.

What you see after marriage, you didn’t see before marriage.

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