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Increase your love energy

NayanaMy husband is wearing Blue Sapphire ring in his right hand middle finger since 12 years and says that things started getting better after he is wearing. I am wearing Diamond ring in my left hand ring finer since 4 years. I am also keeping Kunzite gemstone with me, which you had given to me since 4 months. Is there any reason behind all these me not getting Job also preventing my pregnancy?

NaranThis involves another person; I cannot comment on this. DIAMOND anybody can wear. KUNZITE will not give you any negative effect. It is a light pink stone meant to forgive and increase your love energy, so that there is cordiality between you and your husband. Are you wearing this as a chain? How are you instructed to use?

NayanaI have not yet made the pendant but you had instructed me to keep it with me until I make one and use as chain.

NaranDIAMOND and KUNZITE will do no harm for you. Search for solution within. Ask yourself “Why am I not pregnant?” Do you think you are 100% not responsible for your state of affairs? The divine is more intelligent than all of us. Surrender to the divine to get anything in your life. Do not be obsessed about what you are not having. Think about what you have got so far from the Divine and thank the divine for what all you got. When you are content and satisfied with the present, you will get what you want. Take the flower remedy GENTIAN and WILLOW. Best of luck!!!


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