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How to Handle Your Karma

Naran S Balakumar What is known as a karmic effect? Karma is not sin as many think. We have to come out of the thinking that we have done something wrong. To learn something, mind has certain way of operating. One of the ways of operating is based on formula(s) a=b and cause is equal to effect. (B: C>E) That’s why karma effect has come in to our thinking process.

How to handle the present? Coming out of the emotions and be in the present is one way of nullifying our karmas. When something happens all of us get any one of four types of emotions.

  1. First, the situation may kindle fear in us.

  2. If it’s persistent it becomes a worry.

  3. If problem is not solved then we feel sad.

  4. When nothing happens after so much of effort, then we get angry. Our mind knows only these four emotions. If we come out of the emotions then the present is handled beautifully because our own habitual thoughts and emotions bring in the karmic effect. Something happens and I react. If we react the same way we act like a robot. There is no difference in results. If I change the reaction – for example, if you become calm instead of getting angry then your future also will change.

How to heal the present? God provides solutions thru nature. Use them to heal the present. Mudras, Flower Remedies help us come out of the ruling emotions. By employing healing techniques, we are healing ourselves.


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