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Healing through Pancha Mudra Pranayama Part V

NaranHeal the Pranic Field…

How do we get oxygen? We get it through our food. If you are stressed out then you won’t feel like eating properly. If we say oxygen is life, does that mean that if we bring a dead body and give oxygen to it, then it will come back to life? No. What is the secret then? Oxygen is bound with Prana –the universal energy. Lack of Prana is A-Prana. Oxygen is also bound with A-Prana. Prana means life. A-Prana means death. When Prana enters the body, A-Prana enters too. That’s why when we take birth we had to undergo death as well. When we inhale, we are inhaling universal energy. The transaction between oneself and god is Prana. Prana is composed of five elements -- water, fire, water, space and earth. The earth energy comes from vegetables and food.  By taking in water, we provide energy to body.

The Pranic Body is affected by…When we go through certain emotions, the body changes it pattern of breathing. When we get angry–the breathing is rapid and shallow. When we worry or be fearful, we don't breathe at all. Immediately, the Pranic field is affected. Thus, when we change our breathing consciously, then our emotions change automatically. Breathing through the right nostril stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, while the left nostril activates the Para-sympathetic nervous system. In fact, if you close the right nostril, automatically you will relax without any conscious effort, because breathing through left nostril increases the coolness of the body, while breathing through right nostril stimulates heat. When the body’s alkaline is7.4 then it will be healthy. If it is less than 6 then it will become unhealthy and thus acidic. Calmness increases alkaline, while stress increases acidic. In any situation where there is hue and cry, for example a funeral, A-Prana is high. That’s why when you enter such a place you feel negative. In hospital too it’s high. If A-Prana is pre-dominant then we will die. Incense bought from shops has nothing but chemicals. So it creates A-Prana instead of Prana. In general, we go to many places and thus meeting different people, and then we will get more A-Prana. When we have more A-Prana then we face a virus attack including AIDS virus.

Heal the Pranic Body by…By doing deep breathing the Pranic body can be cleansed. An ionizer can increase Prana in your system. Lemon removes A-Prana. So we do Drushti (negative aspect due to astrological signs, for example) removal with lemon. Keep Rock Salt under bed mixed in a bowel of water. After 24 hrs throw the water away. The salt water absorbs negativity. That’s why we feel better when we go to a beach. Sodium Magnesium potassium is in the rock salt. A famous film actor when he was dying felt extremely stressful. Salt water was kept under his bed and he slept peacefully during the last three days of his life. Salt water also immunizes us from any side effects in the treatment. This is the experience of a student of Naran.

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