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Healing through Pancha Mudra Pranayama Part IV

NaranHow to get more oxygen to our systems?

But oxygen is very important to cells…How to rectify that? Function of breath is to give oxygen to cells. Why do cells require oxygen?If a cell gets enough oxygen then there won’t be any abnormal cells. Lack of oxygen is the primary reason for cancer and viral attacks. A cancer cell thrives where there is less oxygen. If a cell is deprived of oxygen for 36 hrs, then it becomes cancerous. Virus and cancer cells thrive in lack of oxygen. Cancer is created by atmosphere we live in. This is the bottom line as per cell biologists. Hydrogen peroxide tablets – there are some food grades available, is good for producing oxygen. This is a good therapy for cancer patients.

When we make oxygen available…Does that mean that an oxygen chamber can pump oxygen into the cells? No, the cells should be open to receive the oxygen. When we are tensed, fearful, and angry, worried, feel sad or depressed, then cells get closed. In addition, we have made the atmosphere with less oxygen, which makes our cells closed.This makes our body starvefrom oxygen.

Change the Mind, Open the Cells…The gene scientists say, because some of our family members has diabetes, thatdoesn’t mean we will get it too. Cells can be altered by immediate environment. Bruce Lipton an expert Cell Biologist says that subject to environmental stress – we can modify the behavior of the gene. As mind is the immediate environment to the cells in the body, we can alter the genes by the thoughts we think. Incidentally, our minds keep thinking 24 hrs a day. If we can change the mind, we create the healing required to open the cells. Here, EFT can help a lot, as we could come out of our emotions easily. This makes our cells open.

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