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Healing through Pancha Mudra Pranayama Part II

NaranProcedure to do the Mudras

Doing the MudrasExcept for Poorana Mudra, for all other Mudras keep your hands on the lap. For Poorana Mudra, keep them touching the navel. They have to be performed in the order listed. The duration has to be same for all the mudras. One has to sit erect, either in a chair or on the ground in a yogic posture of your liking or simply squatting. Idea is to keep your spine erect while doing the Pancha Mudras. These mudras activate five different types of Prana in our body namely – Prana, Apanan, Vyanan, Udanan & Samanan.

Follow this Breathing TechniqueDo all the Pancha Mudras in the order of Chin Mudra, Chinmaya Mudra, Adi Mudra, Meru Mudra and finally Poorana Mudra. While doing the Mudra, do Pranayama following the counts:  –  Inhale: 4, Hold: 1, Exhale: 5 Hold: 2. This will be considered to be one round. Do 7 rounds of breathing for each Mudra. It will take totally a maximum of 7 to 9 minutes Compulsorily do it every day Give 15 minutes gap after tea and 30 minutes gap after food.

Breathing helps…Breathing is connected with both Pranic Body as well as Mental Body. The Pranayama heals the Pranic body and makes oxygen available to our bodies.

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