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Healing is necessary

GraceReferring the blog, “Marriage Affairs”: Hopefully this is not always the case. I have seen instances where the parents have a terrible relationship (separation / divorce / extortion) but the children’s relationships and marriages are fine. How does this come to be? There is too much resistance on my part to heal my parents but I do want to resolve my relationship issues. If this is the only way, let me know. Thank you!

Naran This is the finest opportunity to heal the parents. Past healing is a good route to make the life of the parents whole and complete. That is the gift that we can give to our parents, so that at least in their next life, they lead a happy life. In this case, one (born to those who are divorced, but is happily married) may not repeat the parents’ life, but that of any ancestor’s good marital life. By healing the parents’ life of discord, one does a good to one’s future generation. Life does not start with us nor ends with us.It is an ongoing journey of a soul through generations.


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