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He will save your children from any calamity

Updated: Apr 19

Naran S Balakumar “PURUSHOTHAMA BOOTHA BHAVANA BUDESHA NAMO NAMAHA” If the mantra is chanted then the fetal development will be good. No premature baby will be delivered. This mantra will also safely save your children from any calamity. Lord Krishna protected Parikshit from Bruhmaastra. This mantra makes you understand that we are bound by the divine will. When Lord Krishna delivered Bhagwat Gita, in the course of the conversation, he took Vishwaroopam. Arjuna cannot see the Godly figure at all. He became panic. “Lord Krishna! Please once again become my friend. “ Every ego of Arjuna got annihilated. When Arjuna saw the Vishwaroopam of Lord Krishna, he chanted this mantra. It means – “You are the only protector of this world. You are the ruler of this world. You are one in all and all in one (i.e.) Bootha Bhavana”. Saying that mantra, Arjuna prostrated to Lord Krishna.


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