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Getting Hold of a Job

Solution @ your fingertips Part IIIMudra Healing combined with Releasing techniques (RULE your KARMA) and Switch Words. Jyothi My husband was in a senior position in a MNC company in Bangalore.  A year back, he lost his job. After that period, he never attended a single interview. I don’t know how he is going to get a job, as the companies are in a cost-cutting mode and therefore it will be difficult to find a job for a senior executive. Naran Ask your husband to do the following:

  1. Be in Chin Mudra and release all your present emotions and thoughts

  2. Be in the Heart Mudra and say, “I release the unknown past memories that prevent me from getting a good job”

  3. Be in the Vital Essence (Hara) Mudra and chant “I release my desire to be in a good job and I love myself totally”

  4. Be in the Vitality Mudra and chant” TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW”

  5. Be in the Pushan Mudra and chant “I release resistance to accept good job offers”Please check out the following link to find the instructions to do the Mudras: Jyothi (after six weeks) Thank you Naran! My husband has started getting several interviews. Some of them have gone to the 2nd or 3rdlevel of interviews. He is hoping to close one of them soon.


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