Feedback on 11th July Live Session

First of all it was very refreshing to attend your live session after a long time. My thanks to you and the entire team that made such a seamless event possible. There were no hitches anywhere and the transmission was very clear.

The topic, for all its simplicity, was a very relevant one in these troubled times, when people's emotions and mental states are in a mercurial state of flux, with instability on the family, financial and professional front. To me , it was particularly relevant, as I had consulted you few days before and was working on the guidelines suggested by you. I could at once relate and understand the benefits of why one should change. I shall give the details in another mail, as feedback on what happened after I consulted you.

Your mention about Nature made me realize how much we take the five elements for granted, caught up in our own selfish world of wants and desires and in a rush to fulfill them. We do not have the time or thought to give thanks to them or dwell upon their unselfish generosity to humankind.

Salami slicing was a very interesting anomaly and a revelation. It was a novel way of looking at healing.

Thank you Sir. I look forward to more sessions.


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