Feedback from Ahmedabad Workshop attendees

Updated: May 2

Feedback from Ahmedabad students on Mantra & Mudras and Petal Chakras workshop Thank you Tejal, Irene and Kketan for helping organize the workshop ! 🙏😊 Love and Light to all in the group for everything we exchanged during the two day workshop. Truly blessed 🙏🌹 Thank you Naran Sir and entire team for this beautifully conducted workshop. May Divine grace be on all of us. 🙏🙏💐💐I Immense gratitude to Sir, Tejal mam, Irene Mam and Ketan sir for such a life- changing event. 🙏💐😊 My gratitude to sir for giving guidances n teaching .l am happy n blessed by divine n sir . Thank you mam ,Tejal ,Kethan ,lrene .it was amazing workshop looking forward to more n learn.also meeting other class fellow n there knowledge was wonderful .divine thanks Very well organized event, congratulations to Tejal, Irene and Ketan.👏


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