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Embraced the connection of the divinity within me - Mumbai workshop

“Guru Gobind Dou khade

Kaake laagu Paay

Balihaari Guru Aapne

Gobind diyo Milaay”

My immense Gratitude to Naran Sir for all the healings he has taught to all of us participants of the workshops of his and for years his work has only helped millions of people known and unknown through his teachings

This Guided Meditation class was one of the most beautiful class I attended of his and the meditation to connect with The Mother and another with Krishna and more

I have no words to convey how grateful I am for being a student of you Sir and for Irene and all volunteers and team of the workshop who are enabling these recordings to reach to us too apart from what we experienced there

Thank you for all the contribution we have always received through the weekly chants, mantra healings, forgiveness methods, swtich words, Violet flame, Planetary position healing and Solar ki healing now and so much more

I bow to the divine in you and embrace the connection of the divinity within me that is open to receive the grace that flows through you Sir


Bandana Mohta Jhanwar


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