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Doing Two Mudras at the Same Time

Vikas I have started the Pran Mudra for 30 minutes daily, keeping the spine straight and I hope will benefit from it in the coming weeks / months. I do one more Mudra for 21 minutes daily. I wanted to ask you that should there be a time gap between that Mudra and Pran Mudra so that there is no energy conflict or some other irregularity. That Mudra that I do involves Gyan Mudra, some Om chanting and is basically done to unlock the powers of Kundalini.

Naran You can do. But don’t think it will unlock your Kundalini.

Vikas Do I have to take care of the way I inhale and exhale? Is there anything else I have to do so that I am in a perfect posture and doing the Mudra correctly?

Naran Breathe normally and do the Mudra in any posture.


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