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Does karma theory says murderer can go scot free

GAThanks for your reply to my previous question. You have advised me to surrender before the ultimate reality. I am trying to do so. I think you are not from this universe. You are a divine personality. Your words are very powerful – even magical, having a deep impact on my mind and soul. I am a little bit confused about the theory of karma. As we know, we all are facing good or bad in our lives due to our own good or bad karmas and we should not blame others for our sufferings. The point at which I am confused is that if someone does some harm to us then we say this is result of our own karma and the person is just a medium. For an example, somebody kills a man then the man should have definitely done such type of karmic account with the murderer or have done something wrong in the past, for which he has to be punished like this by divine forces. If it is just the previous account which is settling down now and the murderer is just a medium then murderer should not be punished anywhere not here or not in another world. And as you say that divine forces compel us to do specific karma as per our nature or prakriti then in this case divine wants the killed man to be punished like this and the murderer is just a divine helper or a medium. So my question is this that the person who becomes the medium (who is apparently doing wrong karma) in another person’s suffering (as my suffering is due to my own bad karma) will be punished for this by divinity? If no, is it because he is just a medium? I hope you will show me some light.

NaranKarma theory is just an explanation put forward. If you want to justify karma theory, it leads you to confusion. Karma will act upon one, who does not think that he is the tool of divine. All our reactions and views are happening at the outer mind – the mind that looks outside and assesses. Nothing that affects the outer mind affects the inner mind at all. Whenever you want an answer, just ask the questions and go inside. Stop analyzing. Be silent. Silence alone will bring the answer. The inner mind sees what the outer mind does not see. It also does not see what the outer mind sees. Stop reading books on spiritualism or karma etc.

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