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Digestion Mudra

  1. Right hand thumb touches index and middle fingers, while the left hand thumb touches middle and ring fingers.

  2. It activates the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra. It’s one of the best Mudras, a special Mudra. Chant OM RUM Namaha.

  3. Mantra and Mudra will activate stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines.

  4. It is also called as Acceptance Mudra. Whatever happens in your life has to be accepted by you.

  5. This will also work when you are in distress or whenever you feel sad, making you accept life as it is.

  6. When you can’t accept the other person, be in this Mudra then you will be able to accept them.

  7. RUM BUM LUM DUM also can be chanted with this Mudra.Why this Mudra is important? There are two rules in life:

  8. You get what you do not want.

  9. You do not get what you want. We have to manage our life with whatever is happening, by accepting it. You may need the forgiveness exercise too. If anybody is giving problem to you, anybody is angry with you, or plotting against you, by being in this Mudra and doing forgiveness exercise, you will establish harmony immediately. You can repeat the exercise and the Mudra as many times as possible.


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