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Complications during the 9th month of pregnancy

Naran S Balakumar Pregnancy is for nine months. For some pregnancies, there could be complications during the 9th month. In the ninth month, the head of the fetus may not turn down or the child can be entangled in the umbilical cord etc. What is the reason behind these complications? It is our desires and fears. One fear is that the child should be born at the right time. So people try to do Caesarian based on dates and stars. Our knowledge of astrology is superficial. When we tell the doctors that the child should be born on a specific date based on a certain star, the child inside the womb is mentally disturbed and it won’t like to come out of the womb because the time of birth has been fixed. Moreover, we also don’t know whether the time we have fixed is a correct time. Pregnancy without Pain but with Gain 9th month of pregnancy is an important time. At the time of the birth, devas and our ancestors are witnessing the delivery of birth. So, we need the blessings of our ancestors. To get the blessings of the ancestors, chant the Shankarraya mantra as many times as possible. To give birth to a child is a wonderful experience. However, women are worried about managing labor pain and so they prefer a painless delivery. We also need the safety of both the child and the mother. What if they could enjoy the pregnancy without any unbearable pains? The Shankarraya mantra could give that experience to them. Going beyond the pain, the mothers will enjoy the whole experience.


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