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Clean and a Refreshing Life

R Mohan What we do when we want our servant to clean our clothes? Now and then, we will put all our dirty clothes inside the laundry basket. We know it will come back to us – washed within next 24 hours. It would be ironed too. How? It happens thanks to our servant who comes home next day to do household work. In the same way, throughout the day, I put all my feelings, emotions and thoughts inside the silver triangle. How? I visualize a silver triangle in front of me. I make an intention, “Hey Silver Triangle! Follow me wherever I go and carry all the stuff I put inside you.” As I put my memories inside the silver triangle. While throwing them, I use my hands assuming the memories are inside my hands. This technique of adopting the kinesthetic aspect of us, as recommended by NLP practices and suggested by Naran, has a better impact on our healing. I draw the Sei Hey Ki symbol every time I put a memory inside the triangle. Next day, first thing in the morning, after I get up, I listen to Reiki Past-Life Healing CD. Now, whatever my current feelings, I will put them inside the triangle – imagining that it is in front of me. I still use my hands. This time, I will draw all the symbols. When I finish listening to the CD, I feel clean and fresh as the clothes my servant washes. Thanks to my servant! Thanks to the Silver Triangle!!


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