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Child Remedies

NaranTalkative children CERATO and HEATHER are non-stop talkers. HEATHER will always talk about him. VERVAIN prefers attention and talks loudly. She is overenthusiastic and she will try to convince you that whatever she says is correct. Inquisitive person is CERATO – he is a library. He will ask lots of questions. CERATO: while repeating from memory, he will go further, only if he gets confirmation from parents. Use CERATO, to search for things in the house, as the children don’t know where they have kept the things.


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Improve your child’s determination to study

Question My son whiles away his time watching TV. He does not intend to study at all and does unwanted things all the time. Naran S Balakumar Give him the Bach Flower Remedies SCLERANTHUS, HORNBEAM a

Will do things on time

Naran S Balakumar If we prescribe Scleranthus for school-going children… A SCLERANTHUS child postpones doing things, as he is indecisive and thinks, “I have lot of time to complete the job, so I will

The child is unable to remember

Naran S Balakumar If see the following patterns in a child, give him Bach Flower Remedy CERATO three doses per day for about one month and it will help the child: He writes the correct answer, erases


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