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Child is naughty

Concerned Mother I’ve a son and daughter. Son is 12 years old. Very intelligent! But, now he is becoming forgetful, naughty and lost always in thoughts. If he concentrates he can finish studies very quickly. But he is not attentive. He is getting scolding from teachers and even us. All the time we have to shout at him, abuse him. We don’t feel happy doing all this. I know he is becominga teenager.

NaranInstead of getting angry at an adolescent child, understand that the child needs to be helped. Help him with Bach flower remedies AGRIMONY, WILLOW, CHESTNUT BUD, CLEMATIS and CRAB APPLE and gem remedies CORAL and YELLOW SAPPHIRE. You have to give them orally. Chant“…..(NAME OF THE CHILD) TOGETHER HOLD DIVINE” for the sake of the child. Take him to any temple. Compel and take him.

Explanation The teenagers will hide so many from their parents, always suppressing their true emotions either for the sake of parents or elders: Agrimony Be responsible: Willow To concentrate and not to avoid studies: Chestnut Bud For focusing: Clematis Mental cleanser: Crab Apple To behave himself: Coral To behave well: Yellow Sapphire


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