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Business is not so great

Vandana I am a fashion designer and entrepreneur. I do make new collections after 6 months and participate in the exhibitions for selling my collection. My business is not so great. Now, I am quite famous but still people are not coming to buy at my home. I have asked boutiques also to sell my products, but nothing is working. Could you please recommend what I should do to attract more customers and grow my business?

Naran  Chant “GENTIAN CITRINE FIND COUNT DIVINE clients every day”. You write this in a paper and keep it with you. Chant this as many times as possible. Keep the paper under pillow while sleeping Explanation: Citrine: for expansion in business Gentian:  to be happy about it


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Client I am not doing well in my business and I see no hope in the future too. Naran Take the Bach Flower Remedies GORSE and LARCH. Explanation A GORSE person has given up solving the problem after ma

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Switch Words for Success in Business

Naran S Balakumar Money Generation: COUNT Help to get very good business: TOGETHER DIVINE Learn to be successful: SLOW CARE LEARN JUDGE LISTEN To sell anything: GIVE To get complements from client


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